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The former U.S. Education Secretary, William J. Bennett said Wednesday "if you wanted to reduce crime, you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down." He went on to say that, it would be a ridiculous thing to do, but that that the crime rate would go down.

Editor’s note: If former U.S. Education Secretary, William J. Bennett would ignore what is left of his brain and keep his mouth shut, ignorance would go way down. The writer of Proverbs was eminently correct when he penned the words, “A fool’s mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the trap of his soul. (Proverbs 18:7)


Letter to the Editor

Just a brief note to let you know that I evacuated New Orleans and am living with my sister.

I have been unable to communicate with the Episcopal District Health Directors because in my haste to leave I left behind my computer and my address book.

I would appreciate if you could post my address so that persons can communicate with me.

I am attending Brookins Community AMEC in Los Angeles.

My sister's address is, 3500-369 W. Manchester Blvd., Inglewood, California 90305. I can be reached at: freem801@aol.com

Be well,

Sister Gwendolyn B Williams,
Executive Director
Connectional Health Commission

- An update from Sister Gwendolyn Williams received September 30, 2005 at 11 a.m.

I am worshiping at Brookins Community AMEC, there are five of us here but I am the only AME; there may be others.

I hope to return to New Orleans by the end of the month to check and see what damages I have sustained.

Continue to pray for all of us, both Katrina and Rita victims and those persons who have opened their arms and hearts to us.

I have been blessed with a loving sister and a warm congregation and pastor.

Gwen Williams

Editor’s note: you may email Sister Gwendolyn Williams directly by emailing her at freem801@aol.com


Bishop Henning is working day and night to provide comfort for those who have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina. The bishop is a bundle of energy and he is a motivator and encourager to all who are around him. Bishop Henning could be directing affairs of the Katrina operation from a comfortable office in Houston and no one would think anything about it. He is not in a comfortable office and he is not leading from the rear. Bishop Henning in the “thick” of the operation. I wonder how many bishops of the other denominations are working in the “thick” of the operation.

Let us keep Bishop Henning and the folks who are with him in our prayers.


He could be in his office in South Carolina coordinating the efforts associated with Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, but he is not in his comfortable office in Charleston, South Carolina. Dr. George Flowers in the affected areas working to bring relief and comfort; and getting dirty. Kudos to the Executive Director of Global Witness and Ministry for doing the work of ministry. I wonder how many other denominational general officers are on the ground, working at the grass roots level of the Katrina operation.


Now, when have you heard of a seminary president or for that matter a college or university president going into a dangerous environment to provide comfort? Dr. Leah Gaskins Fitchue, President of Payne Theological Seminary and a number of PTS students are actively involved in the practice of ministry in a “real live, up in your face” environment. She is in Louisiana working closely with Bishop Henning and Dr. George Flowers. Dr. Fitchue could have sent one of her employees and we would have been grateful. She did not send one of her employees; she went there herself. The African Methodist Episcopal Church is grateful and appreciative of her work and dedication.


What would happen if your paycheck suddenly stopped? Today is Friday and it is the end of the month. If, today you were told that you had a “no pay due,” what would you do. Or those of you who get a check on the first or third of the month suddenly found out that your paycheck was not going to be delivered and there was no indication about when you were going to be paid. I am sure that it would be disturbing, to say the least.

That is the problem many of our pastors and presiding elders are facing – no pay available because churches have been destroyed, closed and the members who support the churches have been relocated, and many of them have indicated in the news media that they don’t plan to return. Katrina happened one month ago and that means that we have presiding elders and pastors who have been without pay for a month or more. Many of our smaller churches operate on week-to-week offering, without a cushion that some of our larger churches have. The Church has a responsibility to take care of those pastors until they can get on their feet. I would hope that some of our larger churches might take it upon themselves to adopt a presiding elder or pastor and especially fulltime presiding elders and pastors who have no other sources of income. Those of us, who are able, must continue to give until it hurts. Katrina and Rita, and we hope no other hurricanes come along, will be a long-time commitment. If we are faithful, God is faithful and sometime in the future we will celebrate what we, with God’s help, did to provide comfort to those in need.

The job is not finished; we are still collecting money, or at least we should be!


Dr. Jerome V. Harris, Executive Director of the AMEC Department of Annuity Investment and Insurance has arranged with the annuity investment vendors, Symetra Insurance Company and American Express, to process requests for "Hardship" annuity withdrawals on an EXPEDITED basis for those participants affected by Hurricane Katrina.

All participants assigned to the Eighth (Mississippi and Louisiana), Ninth (Alabama) and Eleventh (Florida) Episcopal Districts are eligible for expedited hardship annuity withdrawals. In an effort to provide more immediate financial assistance to persons in these devastated areas, expedited payments can now be made and received in as soon as 24 hours, depending on the mode of distribution, i.e. Direct Bank Transfer, US Mail, etc. The normal withdrawal process usually requires approximately 3 - 4 weeks, so our pastors and their families are blessed, in this time of difficulty, with the expedited arrangement.

Participants desiring to avail themselves to this process should contact the AMEC Department of Annuity Investment and Insurance directly at (901) 527-2006 or by Email at amec_des@bellsouth.com


Dr. Dennis Dickerson, President of the General Officers’ Council announced that the active, retired and former General Officers of the Church have contributed $10,000.00 this far for the Katrina relief effort.


Children ran and played, ate cotton candy and hot dogs. They bounced on the moon bounce, slid down the inflatable slide and got dizzy on the merry-go- round. Faces were painted, three-on-three basketball was played and the adults ate, drank sodas, and relaxed in the mild weather of an Indian summer day in Germantown Maryland. What was happening? The St. Jude A.M.E. Mission Church; under the pastorate of the Rev. Dr. Byron J. Grayson, Sr. was hosting its First Community Day. The rides, the food and drink, the face painting, and welcome gift bags containing notes books, pens and pencils, candy and a toy all were provided to the community at no cost.

Over 200 persons, not including members of St. Jude, fellowshipped and had a wonderful time at the Fox Chapel Elementary School where St. Jude A.M.E. church will hold its worship services during the winter. Brother Byron Grayson, Jr., one of the chairpersons of the event, said, “it was amazing that there were so many people from so many different nationalities and ethnic groups who joined in the fun. This community is truly diversified and they all came out to be with us.”

It had been a good summer for the St. Jude A.M.E Church located in the Germantown community. For the first time since its inception in 1998, the church was able to have worship service as well as church school and all meetings on property it recently acquired. The house on the property was not large enough to hold the congregation, but with some “out-of-the-box thinking” by the trustees, the double-car garage was insulated, dry walled and painted white, carpet was laid and a twenty-foot tent that covered the entrance was set up to extend the usable space; thereby converting the garage into a sanctuary. St. Jude A.M.E. Church was on the move.

Back in the community where the church had been meeting, a sixteen-year-old child was shot by another child because of an argument that began two years ago in another part of the metropolitan area. The child who did the shooting waited two years until he could get a ride to Germantown to get revenge. It was then that the vision for a more aggressive outreach was given to Rev. Grayson. The men of St. Jude went into the community and held a prayer meeting with singing, testimonies and prayer. “We have to be intentional in winning souls and saving this community,” Rev. Grayson said. “Prayer followed by work” was the formula adopted by the Board of Stewards.

Sister Joyce Perry, one of the members of the church, suggested that we needed the young adults to take the leadership of an outreach effort in the community. Aided by Sister Perry, the young adults began to organize. Sister Linda Thompson, a new member to this congregation but not new to the A.M.E. Church, suggested that a Community Outreach Day be held and that the day be geared to younger children with a basketball tournament included to induce the young men in the community to participate. The Board of Stewards not only approved this concept, but also agreed that the event should be provided at no cost, even though the church would be coming off the summer schedule and St. Jude is a mission church. With much prayer and the knowledge of the presence of God, the Community Day was successful. To help finance the day, corporations were asked to be sponsors. Several 7-Eleven stores, Columbia Benefits Consultants and Wal-Mart responded with financial and other support. We thank them for their participation. .

As the cold weather sets in, St. Jude will once again meet in the Fox Chapel Elementary School. The lesson learned was, it is wonderful for a new church to have a place to worship, but that church must remain focused on community and transformation of that community. That is the mission; saving souls by transformation of the community. St. Jude is a Mission Church on a Mission.

St. Jude Mission Church ministers in the Second Episcopal District where the Right Reverend Adam J. Richardson is Presiding Bishop. St. Jude AME Church is part of the Capitol District under the watchful and loving care of Presiding Elder Goodwin Douglas.

Submitted by the Reverend Byron J. Grayson


The Capitol City of Kentucky – Frankfort, host St. John African Methodist Episcopal Church and the Reverend Dr. Robert A. Strode and First Lady Shelby Strode.

It all started on Monday Night when the host church held a welcome program with the dignitaries of the Capitol city in attendance. Along with the First Family, the Reverend Robert and Shelby Strode and the members of the Kentucky Annual Conference gathered in worship to welcome the Rt. Reverend Vashti Murphy McKenzie, Supervisor Stan McKenzie, Presiding Elder Ralph Johnson and First Lady of the Kentucky Conference, Mrs. Patricia Bender Johnson and the members of the 138th Kentucky Annual Conference to Frankfort, Kentucky.

Tuesday, Missionary Day, dawned as a glorious morning with the Episcopal Supervisor smiling confidently knowing that the events of the day had a spiritual focus, would set the tone, and would “jump-start” the annual conference.

The day began with a Prayer Breakfast; the guest speaker was Dr. Mary Smith, President Emeritus of Kentucky State University and a member of St. John AME Church. She spoke from the subject of “Serving in a Godly Spirit.” Following the missionary business meeting, it was time for the noonday worship Service. The speaker for the “hour of power” worship service was Sister Doris J. Coffey, exhorter at St. Paul AME, Lexington, Kentucky. Her subject was, “Serving for the Purpose of Godliness,” which was the missionary theme for the annual conference.

Additional business was conducted, after which we went to dinner, which was followed by the evening service. The guest speaker was the First Lady of the Lexington District, Sister Patricia Bender Johnson whose subject was “You Can Still Have Joy.” The Missionaries of the Kentucky Annual Conference celebrated a very productive and spiritually uplifting day with numerous awards and accolades.

Tuesday was also the day for preachers to gather for theological education and reflection. The School of the Prophets met at the Holiday Inn. Dr. Jimmy Kirby, Professor of Ethics at Lexington Theological Seminary was the scholar in residence. He lectured and led an engaging discussion on ethics. Dr. Calvin H. Sydnor III, Editor of The Christian Recorder led a discussion on what he would do differently if he could start his ministry over again. Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie taught the class, AME 101 in which she shared the history, doctrine and polity of the AME Church as well as the traditions of the Church, often referred to as the “AME way.”

Wednesday was the official opening day of the 138th Kentucky Annual Conference. The Opening Service and Communion were graced by God’s presence as the Reverend William C. Jenkins, Pastor of St. James AME Church. Danville, Kentucky delivered a dynamic annual sermon entitled “Finish What You Start.” His text taken from Hebrews 12 verses 1-2.

Following the lunch hour, the Annual Conference stayed on course of the agenda with the Rt. Reverend Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie presiding in her elegant, dignified, no-nonsense manner over the business session, starting with the roll call, organization of the Conference, reports of the Finance Committee and the Board of Examiners. The evening service was under the auspices of the Nehemiah Nation with the preacher of the hour, the Reverend Ralph B. Smith, pastor of St. Peter AME Church in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. He spoke from the subject of “The Steps of a Good Man are Ordered by the Lord” with his text taken from the first Psalm, leaving no stone unturned Reverend Smith delivered a soul-stirring message taken to heart by all in attendance.

Thursday began with Morning Glory, a time set aside for the conference prayer team to lead the conference in the devotionals. Thursday was a full day with pastoral reports. The Conference Institute topic focused on Living Well. The presenter for the Conference Institute was Mrs. Vivian Lasley Bibbs who works at Kentucky State University. The noon worship service followed the Conference Institute. The Reverend Wanda Ryan was the noonday speaker holding her own she delivered a powerful message entitled, “Wake Up, Grow Up, and Get Up!” Her text was taken from I Peter, chapter 4, verses 12-19. The evening service, Lay Witness Night, had as its speaker, the Honorable Derrick Graham, who used as his theme, the Lay theme, “Laity Sowing Seeds beyond the Wall.” He enlightened the conference with his sharing of the efforts of the Laity of the Kentucky Conference.

Friday, as Thursday began with Morning Glory was followed by an 8:00 a.m. business session, with pastoral and committee reports and the Conference Institute. The Conference Institute continued on the topic of “Living Well” with the presenter being Mrs. Sheila D. Pressley from Eastern Kentucky University. The Service of Ordination was at noon with the history-making Presiding Elder of the West Kentucky Conference in the person of the Reverend Linda Thomas Martin bringing the ordination message entitled, “Fresh Water from an Old Well.” The Reverend William Leach, St. John- Frankfort, was ordained itinerant elder and the Reverend Linda M. Brown (St. Paul, Lexington, was ordained a local elder. Thanks be to Almighty God for the new “soldiers” ordained for Kingdom building.

Lunch was followed by the business session of disciplinary questions and committee reports. The YPD’ers met and practiced for their big night. The Youth of the Kentucky Conference under the direction of Sister Carrie Newton Conference YPD Director had it “going it on.” They presented an excellent program with the guest speaker being the Reverend Donald Garner who preached from the subject “Just Shake, Shake, Shake,” an inspiring message for both the young and old. “Got Game Night” followed the worship service – the youth had a delightful time displaying their knowledge of the Bible, the AME Church, TV and other topics.

The closing of the annual conference on Saturday was a first for the Kentucky Annual Conference. The spirits were high as the members of the conference gathered for the Church School, the memorial service, and the retirement service for the Reverend Frederick E. Hale, pastor of Shorter Chapel AME Church in Paris, Kentucky who retired due to health issues after dedicating 33 years of his life to African Methodism. A great warrior was honored by numerous accolades, gifts and high commendations.

The Closing Worship Service was highlighted with our own dynamic, magnificent, affable, approachable, stately Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie delivering a soul-stirring, eye-opening, heart-searching message entitled “What is the Motive of our Ministry?” She gave pause for all of us to examine ourselves and to determine the answer to the question she posed in her message.

After the resolution, the report of the Finance Committee, assignments and pastoral appointments the 138th Kentucky Annual Conference ended with both whispers and shouts of exclamations to, “What a glorious conference this has been!”

It is the humble opinion of this reporter that the 138th Kentucky Annual Conference was productive, inspiring, motivating and “second to none.” The host pastor, his spouse and church family met our every need of comfort and convenience; even with necessary construction in progress, it was evident that they were ready, willing and able to see that all who attended the conference lacked for nothing.

It was a great Conference. The Capitol City of Frankfort Kentucky welcomed us with open arms and warm hearts. The Missionaries made clear their mission through the events of their annual day under the very capable, cavalier and collaborative attitude of the Supervisor of Missions, Mr. Stan McKenzie.

The tone of the Conference was established with the opening of the worship service. There is something about gathering together, proclaiming “We have come to worship our Blessed Redeemer who calls us to live well an abundant life overflowing in faith, hope and service.”

The processional hymn “Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart” gave way to reflections about how much we have to rejoice, to give thanks for, and why we sing. The voices responding to the call to worship rang out loudly and clearly, and the members of the Annual Conference joined in with sweet accord, glad to be present to sing the words from the great hymn, “And Are We Yet Alive, And see each other’s face?”

As we invoked the Spirit of the Living God to fall fresh on us – God came through for us, melting our cold hearts, molding us into shape, filling us with God’s Spirit and using us to God’s glory. As we roll on like a river, it is apparent that we BELIEVE, that we have the necessary means for “Living Well,” that we can Serve in a Godly Spirit, that we are serving for the purpose of Godliness, and we are assured that, “You Can Still Have Joy, if you Finish What You Start.” Ever mindful that, “The Steps of a Good person are ordered by the Lord,” we just need to wake up, grow and get up.

Finally as “Laity Sowing Seeds beyond the Wall” thirsting for “Fresh Water from an Old Well” we will make it, if we “Just Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake the devil off.”

As our beloved Bishop, who has already shown that she is capable of the task at hand, she has proven that she is willing to bring our district up to par; who conducts the business of the 13th Episcopal District with love, concern, elegance and finesse - Ask yourself, “What is the Motive of our Ministry?” It is time for Er’body – clergy and laity alike to examine our motives – why are we serving? Whom are we serving? Where are we serving? And, how are we serving? What is the Motive of our Ministry?

Respectfully submitted,

Doris J. Coffey - Kentucky Conference
Reporter to the Christian Recorder


Richard Allen, born a slave in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1760 and manumitted from slavery near Dover, Delaware in 1783, holds the singular claim as the founder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Licensed as a Methodist preacher Allen in 1787 established the Free African Society and led a walkout from Old St. George Church because of racially discriminatory treatment. He founded Bethel A.M.E. Church, which was dedicated in 1794 and organized the A.M.E. denomination in 1816. Allen became the first elected and consecrated Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and served until his death in 1831.

Numerous persons assisted Allen in laying the foundations of African Methodism. Among them were Flora Allen, Sarah Allen, and Jarena Lee. Flora Allen, Richard Allen’s first wife, born in slavery in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, came to Pennsylvania where an abolitionist society purchased her freedom. Although it is unclear when she married Richard Allen, they had become a couple by 1791 when the two bought a Philadelphia property that they later transferred to Bethel A.M.E. Church. So, Flora with her husband donated to the first and fledgling A.M.E. congregation the ground upon which an edifice would be built.

Her death in March 1801 left Allen a widower. One contemporary observed that Flora Allen possessed “piety, charity, and other Christian virtues” that Philadelphians both black and white readily acknowledged.

Sarah Bass became his wife on August 8, 1801. Like Flora, she was born in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. She was counselor to Richard Allen as he moved to establish African Methodism as an independent entity that was legally separate and distinct from the American Methodism that drove him from St. George Church. Born in 1764 and deceased on July 16, 1849 her obituary noted, “After the Bishop had sent out his first preachers, they returned in a ‘seedy’ condition.” With the help of other women, she repairs the clothes of the itinerant preachers “thereby making them presentable to go out and discharge their ministerial duties.” Richard and Sarah Allen had six children and some their descendants currently belong to Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and First A.M.E. Church in Athens, Georgia.

Jarena Lee, a woman who received from Bishop Allen a license to preach in 1817, was another pioneer of African Methodism. As the denomination’s first woman preacher, Allen initially rebuffed Lee, born in 1783 in Cape May, New Jersey. Later, when he saw the depth of her spirituality, authorized her to preach, to participate in A.M.E. annual conferences, and to travel as an evangelist throughout the Northeast. During some of their trips, Richard and Sarah Allen cared for Lee’s son. She was among the earliest of A.M.E. evangelists and her efforts helped in building the new A.M.E. denomination. Her death date is unclear, but she is buried in the cemetery of Mt. Pisgah A.M.E. Church in Lawnside, New Jersey.

Dickerson, Dennis C
Vanderbilt University
Email: dennis.c.dickerson@Vanderbilt.Edu


Dr. Paula Matabane, preacher, author, film producer, and academician has done extensive research on the many subjects, one of which is the presence of Blacks in the Bible. Dr. Matabane has produced a new film, Hair Like Wool, Feet Like Brass: The Power of the Image that can be ordered from her website. She is looking for screening and teaching opportunities with the film. She can be reached at: paula@i-onecreations.com.

So many of us have been brainwashed with the images of a European Jesus that when we think of Jesus, the disciples and the major characters in the Bible, we think of them as European looking. Some of our churches still use materials depicting the biblical characters as white Europeans, when if we use our intellect, we would know that most, if not all of the biblical characters are Afro-Asiatic. I still recall a young nephew of mine upon seeing a white minister, who had a beard visiting the worship service at an AME Church, remarking, “There’s Jesus.” I immediately thought that we have a lot of work to do. Dr. Matabane’s Website www.i-onecreations.com addresses many of the issues dealing with race in the Bible. Resources are available and you are encouraged to think about, and address the issue of Blacks in the Bible. It just might help some to re-image in their minds the biblical characters. Below are some questions and answers from the website under the heading, “Dr. Paula’s Classroom”:

Keep Learning!

Many people, including Christians, regardless of race, lack knowledge about the African presence in the Bible.

Geographically, the biblical story begins in Africa with the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:14). The Holy Land is located in Northeast Africa. The term "Middle East" is a recent political invention that has no application to biblical times or biblical people.

Lot of People Want to Know

Q....Isn't it negative to focus on race when studying the Bible?
A....We firmly believe that God made all of humanity from one blood (Acts 17:26) and that Jesus died for the world (John 3:16). But ever since the first slave ship hit American shores in 1619, Bible pictures, Sunday school lessons, and MOST biblical scholars have acted like there were no African people in the Bible. Our efforts are not to promote race or racism. We hope that by simply teaching the truth as found in the Bible and in the annals of history and geography that real racial and social unity especially among believers will emerge.

Q...Was Jesus Black?

A....All the biblical evidence describing Jesus indicates that he was black or most definitely a person of color. However, no one who saw Jesus in person ever painted him so all discussion of his exact appearance is speculation. It is pretty evident that Jesus would NOT have looked like any of the now famous paintings or movies depicting him as a white man. Briefly, we believe he was black or a person of color because:

- His parents hid him in Africa as a baby (Matthew 2:13-15)

- Ezekiel, Daniel, Revelation describe him in visions with nappy hair and dark brown skin

- He was a Semite and the ancient Semites were brown.

- His life is bracketed by Africa: a hiding place to save his life as a baby (Matthew 2:13-15) and helped him complete the last and most important task of his life (Mark 15:21; Luke 23:26)

- His genealogy lists five black women: Thamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, Mary
- (Matthew 1:3, 5, 6, 16)

Q....Is Race a Real Concept?

A....We currently live in a world defined and scarred by the notion of race and the practice of racism. Race was not an issue for biblical people in ancient times. Many scientists today now discount race biologically but truly science, not the Bible, made race the number one divisive factor in the world today. Whether it is real or imaginary, race still affects how and where most of us live and work.”

Read More on Blacks in the Bible

Randall C. Bailey and Jacquelyn Grant, eds. The Recovery of Black ...Presence: An Interdisciplinary Exploration. Nashville: ...Abington press, 1995.
Charles Copher. Black Biblical Studies: An Anthology of Charles ...Copher: Biblical and Theological Issues on the Black Presence ...in the Bible. Chicago: Black Light Fellowship, 1993.
Cain Hope Felder, ed. Stony the Road We Trod. Minneapolis, ...Fortress Press, 1991
Cain Hope Felder. Troubling Biblical Waters. New York: Orbis ...Books. 1989.
Rev. Walter Arthur McCray. The Black Presence in the Bible, vols. ...1, 2. Chicago: Black Light Fellowship. 1990.
Gene Rice. "Africans and the Origin of the Worship of Yahweh." ...Journal of Religious Thought. 50:27-44. 1995

Used with permission of the Reverend Dr. Paula Matabane
Email: paula@i-onecreations.com
Web address: www.i-onecreations.com


NEW YORK (UMNS) - The president of the National Council of Churches has reassured United Methodists that the ecumenical organization is concerned about its Orthodox members.

Bishop Thomas Hoyt was responding to a letter from the United Methodist Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns, which expressed sadness about the recent withdrawal of the Self-Ruled Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America from the council. The letter also implored NCC leadership "to take immediate steps to understand this action and reach out to leadership" in the archdiocese.

Hoyt, a bishop in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, said he also had been saddened by the unexpected decision of the archdiocese, which has only modestly participated in council activities over the years.

"Indeed, in June, when the general secretary (Bob Edgar) received from Metropolitan Philip a congratulatory letter about the NCC statement concerning the war in Iraq, we dared to hope a new level of participation might be forthcoming," Hoyt wrote in a Sept. 26 letter to United Methodist Bishop Ann Sherer, the commission's president. "We were dismayed, therefore, when, without consultation apparently, the Antiochians took the decision to withdraw their membership."

When the letter from Metropolitan Philip arrived, NCC officials sought a meeting with him, but no response has been received, according to Hoyt. After further discussion and with counsel from the Rev. Leonid Kishkovsky, a former NCC president, it was decided to schedule meetings with several Orthodox church leaders and convene a meeting with the ecumenical officers and membership and ecclesial relations committee.

"We hope and trust that United Methodist participants will share suggestions of other responses we might make and join in implementing those efforts," he wrote.

Hoyt also mentioned a NCC fund-raising letter that the Commission on Christian Unity expressed concern over because of its "partisan political tone." He said Edgar "has acknowledged that the letter was sent from the development office without proper review." Procedures have been put in place to remedy that, he added.

"We are unaware how, if at all, this letter relates to the Antiochian withdrawal," Hoyt said.

The Rev. Larry Pickens, chief executive of the Commission on Christian Unity, said he believes the NCC is concerned about the loss of an Orthodox member. "I think it was a necessary step on the part of the president of the national council to respond to the Antiochian church," he added.

Current NCC Orthodox members include the Coptic Orthodox Church in North America, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, Orthodox Church in America, Orthodox Church in the U.S.A., Serbian Orthodox Church in the U.S.A. and Canada, Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch, Ukrainian Orthodox Church of America and the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in America.

Pickens believes it is important to strengthen these relationships and recruit new Orthodox members. "There is a sense that without the Orthodox, the legitimacy of the council would be called into question," he noted.

*Bloom is a United Methodist News Service news writer based in New York.
News media contact: Linda Bloom, New York, (646) 369-3759 or newsdesk@umcom.org.
United Methodist News Service Photos and stories also available at: http://umns.umc.org


29The jailer called for lights, rushed in and fell trembling before Paul and Silas. 30He then brought them out and asked, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” 31They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved – you and your household.” 32Then they spoke the word of the Lord to him and to all the others in his house…33Immediately he and all his family were baptized. 34The jailer…was filled with joy because he had come to believe in God – he and his whole family. (Acts 16: 29-34)

Just as in the story of the jailer who included his family in what the Spirit of God was doing through Paul and Silas, we too are to seek the power of God’s redeeming grace for every member of our households. “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved – you and your household.” Evangelism begins at home.

The word of God describes His process for bringing family and close friends into salvation. I Peter 3: 1-7 describes the Spirit’s witness in our homes. Although the passage was written in very gender specific terms, the principles apply without regard to gender.

1. I Peter 3: 1 – We are directed by the Holy Spirit to be submissive. The word for submission is the same word used in I Peter 2: 13. We are to recognize the authority of others in our homes. Others have legitimate rights. We are guided by the Spirit to demonstrate respect for others (I Peter 2: 17). Whether male of female, child or parent, we are to be considerate of others (I Peter 3: 7). As we are, we open the door for the Holy Spirit to work in their lives. We win others over not by our words, but by our way of living – “Life-giving living.”

2. I Peter 3: 2 – Others see the purity and reverence of our lives. These are not the result of our trying to be like Jesus. The purity and reverence others see is the result of our relationship with Jesus (Mark 10: 18–21). Just as with the rich young man who questioned Jesus about eternal life, Christ never puts personal holiness as the top requirement for discipleship. He puts giving up my right to me and identification with Him as the top requirements. He calls for our relationship with him to be our highest relationship. He is first. As we take our eyes off others and place them on Jesus, the Holy Spirit then has his way in us and others are saved.

3. I Peter 6b – Finally, as the Holy Spirit uses us to bring salvation into our households, do not fear any opposition that may arise. Luke 13: 10-17 tells us the story of a woman bent over by an evil spirit for 18 years. When Jesus healed her, there was opposition. Why? The traditional way of doing things was changed and others were affected. As we change, be mindful that the changes in us affect the lives of others in our homes. This is why the Spirit directs us to be submissive in our homes, recognizing the legitimate rights of others, treating them with respect and consideration.

We do not need to respond to opposition to the flow of the Spirit through our lives. The Spirit of Christ responds by changing the hearts of family and friends. By letting the Spirit of God change hearts, we remain available to be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the world. Keep in mind evangelism begins at home.

Pastor James M. Moody, Sr. Quinn Chapel AME Church2401 South Wabash AvenueChicago, Illinois 60616


My brothers and sisters

Regretfully we share news of the passing this morning of my father Joao Mateus Mazuze. I am not having more details yet about it as it happened few time ago

I am leaving office now and I will accord my possibilities keep you posted about the funeral service.

Please pray for us.

The Reverend Dionisio Mazuze

Editor’s Note: This message was received Friday, September 30, 2005 2:20 AM. The Reverend Dionisio Mazuze pastors in Mozambique and assists the Editor in the translation of our English edition of The Christian Recorder into Portuguese.


Regretfully we share news of the passing of Mrs. Rozell Willis Dugar, sister of Presiding Elder Ida W. Keener, Temple, Texas -10th Episcopal District.

Service Arrangements for Mrs. Rozell Willis Dugar:


Friday, September 30, 2005
4:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Greater St. Matthews Baptist Church
6333 State Highway 6
Hitchcock, TX


Saturday, October 1, 2005
1:00 PM
Greater St. Matthews Baptist Church
6333 State Highway 6
Hitchcock, TX
Services entrusted to:
Mainland Funeral Home
2711 Texas Ave.
P.O. 801
La Marque, TX 77568
409-938-8123 - Phone
409-938-0041 - Fax

Presiding Elder Ida Willis Keener can be contacted at:
P.E. Ida W. Keener
1213 Dairy Rd., #209
Temple, Texas 76502-3426
(254) 771-2071

Please remember the family in your prayers.


Bishop Carolyn Tyler Guidry, Chair
Commission on Social Action Clergy Family Information Center

Mrs. Ora L. Easley - Administrator Email: Amespouses1@aol.com
(Nashville, Tennessee Contact) Phone: (615) 837-9736 Fax: (615) 833-3781
(Memphis, Tennessee Contact) (901) 578-4554 (Phone & Fax)

Please remember these families in your prayers.


The Chair of the Commission on Publications, the Right Reverend Gregory G. M. Ingram; the Publisher, the Reverend Dr. Johnny Barbour and the Editor of the Christian Recorder, the Reverend Dr. Calvin H. Sydnor III offer our condolences and prayers to those who have lost loved ones. We pray that the peace of Christ will be with you during this time of your bereavement.


Bishop Gregory G.M. Ingram - cadeira, Commission em publicações
O Dr. Johnny Barbour de Reverend, Jr., Publisher
O Dr. CalvinH. Sydnor III de Reverend, Editor


A secretária anterior da instrução de ESTADOS UNIDOS, William J. Bennett quarta-feira dita “se você quisesse reduzir o crime, você poderia abortar cada bebê preto neste país, e sua taxa de crime iria para baixo.” Foi sobre dizer aquele, seria uma coisa ridiculous a fazer, mas aquela que a taxa de crime iria para baixo.

Nota do editor: Se a secretária anterior da instrução de ESTADOS UNIDOS, William J. Bennett ignorasse o que está à esquerda de seu cérebro e para manter sua boca fechada, o ignorance iria maneira para tragar. O escritor dos Proverbs estava eminente correto quando penned as palavras, “boca de um tolo é sua destruição, e seus bordos são a armadilha de sua alma. (Proverbs 18:7)


Letra ao editor

Apenas uma nota breve deixou-o saber que eu evacueiNova Orleães e o am que vivo com minha irmã.

Eu fui incapaz de comunicar-se com os diretores Episcopal da saúde do distrito porque em meu haste deixar I saiu atrás de meu computador e de meu livro de endereço.

Eu apreciaria se você poderia afixar meu endereço de modo que as pessoas pudessem se comunicar com mim.

Eu estou atendendo à comunidade AMEC de Brookinsem Los Angeles.

O endereço da minha irmã é,3500-369 W. Manchester Blvd., Inglewood, Califórnia 90305. Eu posso ser alcançado em: freem801@aol.com

Seja bem,

Irmã Gwendolyn B Williams,
Diretor executivo
Commission da saúde de Connectional
- Um update da irmã Gwendolyn Williams recebeu setembro 30, 2005 em 11 A.m.

Eu estou adorando na comunidade AMEC de Brookins, lá sou cinco de nós aqui mas eu sou o único AME; pode haver outro.

Eu espero retornara Nova Orleães para o fim do mês à verificação e ver que danos eu sustentei.

Continue a pray para todos nós, as vítimas de Katrina e de Rita e as aquelas pessoas que nos abriram seus braços e corações.

Eu blessed com uma irmã loving e um congregation e um pastor mornos.

Gwen Williams

Nota do editor: você pode irmã Gwendolyn Williams do email diretamente emailing a em freem801@aol.com


O Bishop Henning está trabalhando o dia e a noite para fornecer o conforto para aqueles que foram deslocadas por Furacão Katrina. O bishop é um pacote da energia e é um motivator e um encourager a tudo que é em torno dele. O Bishop Henning poderia dirigir casos da operação de Katrina de um escritório confortávelem Houston e ninguém pensariam de qualquer coisa sobre ele. Não está em um escritório confortável e não está conduzindo da parte traseira. Bishop Henning no “grosso” da operação. Eu quero saber quantos bishops das outras denominações estão trabalhando no “grosso” da operação.

Deixe-nos manter o Bishop Henning e povos que são com ele em nossos prayers.


Poderia estar em seu escritórioem Carolina sul que coordena os esforços associados com o furacão Katrina e o furacão Rita, mas não está em seu escritório confortávelem Charleston, Carolina sul. Dr. George Flor nas áreas afetadas que trabalham para trazer o relevo e o conforto; e começando sujo. Kudos ao diretor executivo da testemunha e do Ministry globais para fazer o trabalho do ministry. Eu quero saber quanto outros oficiais gerais denominational são na terra, trabalhando nos grassroots ao nível da operação de Katrina.


Agora, quando você ouviu-se de um presidente do seminário ou para essa matéria um presidente da faculdade ou da universidade que entra em um ambiente perigoso fornecer o conforto? O Dr. Leah Gaskins Fitchue, presidente do seminário de Payne Theological e um número de estudantes do Técnico Especialista de Filial é envolvido ativamente na prática do ministry “real vive, acima em um ambiente na sua cara”. Estáem Louisiana que trabalha pròxima com Bishop Henning e Dr. George Flor. O Dr. Fitchue poderia ter emitido um de seus empregados e nós seríamos gratos. Não emitiu um de seus empregados; foi lá ela mesma. A igreja Episcopal Methodist africana é grata e appreciative de seus trabalho e dedication.


Que aconteceria se seu cheque de pagamento parasse de repente? Hoje é sexta-feira e é o fim do mês. Se, você for dito hoje que você não teve “nenhum pagamento devido,” o que você faria. Ou aqueles de você que começam uma verificação no primeira ou o third do mês encontraram de repente para fora que seu cheque de pagamento não estava indo ser entregado e não havia nenhuma indicação sobre quando você estava indo ser pagado. Eu sou certo que estaria perturbando, dizer o menos.

Aquele é o problema muitos de nossos pastors e as pessoas idosas presiding são revestimentos - nenhum pagamento disponível porque as igrejas foram destruídas, fechado e os membros que suportam as igrejas relocated, e muitos delas indicaram nos meios de notícia que não planeia retornar. Katrina aconteceu um mês há e esse significa que nós temos as pessoas idosas e os pastors presiding que foram sem pagamento para um mês ou mais. Muitas de nossas igrejas menores operam sobre a semana-à-semana que oferece, sem um coxim que algumas de nossas igrejas maiores tenham. A igreja tem uma responsabilidade tomar cuidado daqueles pastors até que possam começar em seus pés. Eu esperaria que algumas de nossas igrejas maiores pudessem fazer exame d em cima dse para adotar uma pessoa idosa ou um pastor presiding e especial umas pessoas idosas e uns pastors presiding fulltime que não têm nenhuma outra fonte de renda. Aqueles de nós, que podem, obrigação continuam a dar até que fira. Katrina e Rita, e nós esperamos que nenhum outro furacão venha longitudinalmente, serão um compromisso long-time. Se nós formos fiéis, o deus é fiel e sometime no futuro nós comemoraremos o que nós, com ajuda do deus, fizemos para fornecer o conforto àqueles na necessidade.

O trabalho não é terminado; nós estamos coletando ainda o dinheiro, ou pelo menos nós devemos ser!


O Dr. Jerome V. Harris, diretor executivo do departamento de AMEC do investimento e do seguro do Annuity arranjou com os vendedores do investimento do annuity, o Symetra Seguro Companhia e o americano expresso, para processar pedidos para retiradas do annuity do “Hardship” em uma base EXPEDIDA para aqueles participants afetados por Furacão Katrina.

Todos os participants atribuídos aos oitavos (Mississippi eLouisiana), nonos (Alabama) e décimos primeiros (Florida) distritos Episcopal são elegíveis para retiradas expedidas do annuity do hardship. Em um esforço fornecer um auxílio financeiro mais imediato às pessoas nestas áreas devastated, os pagamentos expedidos podem agora ser feitos e recebido dentro assim que 24 horas, dependendo da modalidade da distribuição, isto é transferência de banco direta, correio dos E.U., etc. O processo normal da retirada requer geralmente aproximadamente 3 - 4 semanas, assim que nossos pastors e suas famílias blessed, nesta época da dificuldade, com o arranjo expedido.

Participants que desejam aproveitar-se da este processo devem contatar o departamento de AMEC do investimento e do seguro do Annuity diretamente (901) em 527-2006 ou pelo email em amec_des@bellsouth.com


O Dr. Dennis Dickerson, presidente de Conselho do general Oficial anunciou que o general ativo, aposentado e anterior Oficial da igreja contribuiu $10.000.00 isto distante para o esforço do relevo de Katrina.


As crianças funcionaram e jogaram, comeram o doce de algodão e cães quentes. Saltaram no salto da lua, deslizaram abaixo a corrediça inflável e começaram dizzy alegre-ir redondo. As caras foram pintadas, três--três no basketball foram jogadas e os adultos comeram, beberam sodas, e relaxaram no tempo suave de um dia do verão Indianem Germantown Maryland. Que estava acontecendo? A igreja da missão do St. Jude A.M.E.; sob o pastorate do Dr. Byron J. Grayson do Rev., Sr. hospedava seu primeiro dia da comunidade. Os passeios, o alimento e a bebida, a pintura da cara, e o presente da boa vinda bags conter livros de notas, penas e os lápis, o doce e um brinquedo todos foram fornecidos à comunidade em nenhum custo.

Sobre 200 pessoas, não including membros de St. Jude, fellowshipped e teve uma estadia maravilhosa na escola elementar do Chapel da raposa onde a igreja do St. Jude A.M.E. prenderá seus serviços da adoração durante o inverno. Irmão Byron Grayson, Jr., um dos presidentes do evento, ditos, “era surpreendente que havia assim muitos povos de assim muitas nacionalidades diferentes e os grupos étnicos que juntaram no divertimento. Esta comunidade é diversificada verdadeiramente e todos saíram ser com nós.”

Tinha sido um verão bom para a igreja do St. Jude A.M.E situadana comunidade de Germantown. Para a primeira vez desde seu inception em 1998, a igreja podia ter serviço da adoração as well as a escola de igreja e todas as reuniões sobre a propriedade que adquiriu recentemente. A casa na propriedade não era grande bastante prender o congregation, mas com alguma “para fora---caixa que pensa” pelos trustees, a garagem do dobro-carro foi isolada, seca o branco walled e pintado, o tapete foi colocado e uma barraca de vinte-pé que cobrisse a entrada foi ajustada até estende o espaço usable; desse modo convertendo a garagem em um sanctuary. A igreja do St. Jude A.M.E. estava no movimento.

Para trás na comunidade onde a igreja se tem encontrado com, uma criança dezesseis-ano-velha foi disparada por uma outra criança por causa de um argumento que começasse dois anos há em uma outra parte da área metropolitana. A criança que fêz disparar esperou dois anos até que poderia começar um passeioa Germantown começar a vingança. Era então que a visão para um mais aggressive excede estêve dada a Rev. Grayson. Os homens de St. Jude entraram na comunidade e realizaram uma reunião do prayer com cantar, testimonies e prayer. “Nós temos que ser intencionais em almas ganhando e em conservar esta comunidade,” Rev. Grayson dito. O “Prayer seguido pelo trabalho” era a fórmula adotada pela placa dos Stewards.

Irmã Joyce Perry, um dos membros da igreja, sugeridos que nós necessitamos os adultos novos fazer exame da liderança de um esforço exceder na comunidade. Ajudado por Irmã Perry, os adultos novos começaram a organizar. A irmã Linda Thompson, um membro novo a este congregation mas nao novoà igreja de A.M.E., sugerida que uma comunidade excede o dia seja prendida e que o dia esteja engrenado a umas crianças mais novas com um tournament do basketball incluído para induzir os homens novos na comunidade participar. A placa dos Stewards aprovados não somente este conceito, mas concordou também que o evento deve ser fornecido em nenhum custo, mesmo que a igreja viesse fora da programação do verão e o St. Jude fosse uma igreja da missão. Com muito prayer e o conhecimento da presença do deus, o dia da comunidade era bem sucedido. Para ajudar financiar o dia, os corporation foram pedidos para ser patrocinadores. Diversos lojas 7-Eleven, consultantes de benefícios de Colômbia e Wal-Mart responderam com financeiro e o outro sustentação. Nós agradecemo-los para sua participação.

Como o tempo frio se ajusta dentro, reunião da vontade do St. Jude uma vez outra vezna escola elementar do Chapel da raposa. A lição aprendida era, é maravilhosa para que uma igreja nova tenha um lugar a adorar, mas essa igreja deve remanescer focalizada na comunidade e na transformação dessa comunidade. Aquela é a missão; almas do saving pela transformação da comunidade. O St. Jude éuma igreja da missão em uma missão.

A igreja da missão do St. Jude ministra no segundo distrito Episcopal onde o Reverend direito Adam J. Richardson é Bishop Presiding. A igreja do St. Jude AME é parte do distrito do Capitol sob o cuidado watchful e loving de Goodwin mais velho Presiding Douglas.

Submetido pelo Reverend Byron J. Grayson


A cidade do Capitol de Kentucky -Frankfort, igreja Episcopal Methodist africana do St. John do anfitrião e o Dr. Robert A. Strode e primeira senhora Shelby Strode de Reverend.

Começou toda na noite de segunda-feira em que a igreja do anfitrião prendeu um programa bem-vindo com os dignitaries da cidade do Capitol no comparecimento. Junto com a primeira família, o Reverend Robert e Shelby Strode e os membros da conferência anual de Kentucky recolhida na adoração para dar boas-vindas ao Rt. Reverend Vashti Murphy McKenzie, supervisor Stan McKenzie, Ralph mais velho Presiding Johnson e primeira senhora da conferência de Kentucky, Sra. Patricia Dobrador Johnson e membros da 138th conferência anual de Kentuckya Frankfort, Kentucky.

Terça-feira, dia do missionário, dawned como uma manhã glorious com o supervisor Episcopal que sorri confiàvel sabendo que os eventos do dia tiveram um foco espiritual, ajustaria o tom, e “salt-inicía” a conferência anual.

O dia começou com um pequeno almoço do Prayer; o altofalante do convidado era Dr. Mary Smith, presidente Emeritusda universidade de estado de Kentucky e um membroda igreja do St. John AME. Falou do assunto de “servir em um espírito Godly.” Depois da reunião de negócio do missionário, era hora para o serviço noonday da adoração. O altofalante para “hora o serviço da adoração do poder” era irmã Doris J. Coffey, exhorter em St. Paul AME, Lexington, Kentucky. Seu assunto era, “servindo com a finalidade do Godliness,” que era o tema do missionário para a conferência anual.

O negócio adicional foi conduzido, depois do qual nós fomos ao jantar, que foi seguido pelo serviço da noite. O altofalante do convidado era a primeira senhora do distrito de Lexington, o dobrador Johnson de Patricia da irmã cujo o assunto era “você pode imóvel ter a alegria.” Os missionários da conferência anual de Kentucky comemoraram um dia muito produtivo e espiritual uplifting com concessões e accolades numerosos.

Terça-feira era também o dia para que os preachers recolham para a instrução e a reflexão theological. A escola dos Prophets encontrou-se com no Inn de feriado. O Dr. Jimmy Kirby, professor das éticas no seminário de Lexington Theological era o scholar na residência. Lectured e conduziu a uma discussão acoplando em éticas. O Dr.Calvin H. Sydnor III, editor do registrador Christian conduziu a uma discussão em o que faria diferentemente se poderia enfiar seu ministry sobre outra vez. O Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie ensinou a classe, AME 101 em que compartilhou do history, da doutrina e do polityda igreja de AME as well as as tradições da igreja, consultado frequentemente como de “à maneira AME.”

Quarta-feira era o dia oficial da abertura da 138th conferência anual de Kentucky. O serviço e o Communion da abertura graced pela presença de Deus como o Reverend William C. Jenkins, Pastor da igreja do St. James AME. Danville, Kentucky entregou um sermon anual dinâmico intitulado “revestimento o que você começa.” Seu texto feito exame de Hebrews 12 versos 1-2.

Depois da hora do lunch, a conferência anual permaneceu no curso da agenda com o Rt. Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie de Reverend que presiding em sua maneira elegante, dignified, do nenhum-absurdo sobre a sessão do negócio, começando com a chamada do rolo, organização da conferência, relatórios do comitê de finanças e a placa dos examinadores. O serviço da noite estava sob os auspices da nação de Nehemiah com o preacher da hora, o Reverend Ralph B. Smith, pastor da igreja em Harrodsburg, Kentuckydo St.PeterAME. Falou do assunto “das etapas de um homem bom é requisitado pelo senhor” com seu texto feito exame do primeiro Psalm, não saindo de nenhuma pedra unturned Reverend Smith entregou uma mensagem alma-agitando feita exame ao coração por tudo no comparecimento.

Quinta-feira começou com o Glory de manhã, um momento reservado para a equipe do prayer da conferência para conduzir à conferência nos devotionals. Quinta-feira era um dia cheio com relatórios pastoral. O tópico do instituto da conferência focalizou em viver bem. O presenter para o instituto da conferência era a Sra. Vivian Lasley Bibbs que trabalhana universidade de estado de Kentucky. O serviço da adoração do meio-dia seguiu o instituto da conferência. O Reverend Wanda Ryan era o altofalante noonday que prende seus próprios que entregou uma mensagem poderosa intitulada, “acorde, cresça acima, e levante-se!” Seu texto foi feito exame de I Peter, capítulo 4, versos 12-19. O serviço da noite, colocado noite da testemunha, teve como seu altofalante, o Derrick honorável Graham, que se usou como seu tema, o tema da configuração, de “sementes do Sowing Laity além da parede.” Enlightened a conferência com seu compartilhar dos esforços do Laity da conferência de Kentucky.

Sexta-feira, como quinta-feira começou com o Glory de manhã foi seguida por uma sessão do negócio de 8:00 A.m., com os relatórios pastoral e do comitê e o instituto da conferência. O instituto da conferência continuou no tópico de “viver bem” com o presenter que é Sra. Sheila D. Pressleyda universidade oriental de Kentucky. O serviço de Ordination estava no meio-dia com a pessoa idosa Presiding history-fazendo da conferência ocidental de Kentucky na pessoa do Reverend Linda Thomas Martin que traz a mensagem do ordination intitulada, “água fresca de um poço velho.” O Leach de Reverend William, St. John- Frankfort, era pessoa idosa itinerant ordained e o marrom de Reverend Linda M. (o St. Paul, Lexington, ordained uma pessoa idosa local. Os agradecimentos sejam ao deus Almighty para os “soldados novos” ordained para o edifício do reino.

O Lunch foi seguido pela sessão do negócio de perguntas e de relatórios disciplinary do comitê. O YPD'ers encontrou-se com e praticou-se para sua noite grande. A juventude da conferência de Kentucky sob o sentido do diretor da conferência YPD do newton de Carrie da irmã teve-o “ir ele sobre.” Apresentaram um programa excelente com o altofalante do convidado que é o Garner de Reverend Donald que preached do assunto “agitação justa, agitação, agitação,” uma mensagem inspirando para o novo e velho. “A noite começada do jogo” seguiu o serviço da adoração - a juventude teve uma estadia deliciosa indicar seu conhecimento do Bible, da igreja de AME, da tevê e dos outros tópicos.

O fechamento da conferência anual sobre sábado era um primeiro para a conferência anual de Kentucky. Os espíritos eram elevados porque os membros da conferência recolheram paraa escola de igreja, o serviço memorial, e o serviço da aposentadoria para o Reverend Frederick E. Hale, pastorde uma igreja mais curta do Chapel AME em Paris, Kentucky que aposentou devido às edições da saúde após ter dedicado 33 anos de sua vida a Methodism africano. Um guerreiro grande foi honrado por accolades numerosos, por presentes e por commendations elevados.

O serviço de fechamento da adoração foi destacado com nosso próprio Bishop dinâmico, magnífico, affable, approachable, stately Vashti Murphy McKenzie que entrega alma-agitar, olho-abertura, coração-procurarando a mensagem intitulada “o que é o motriz de nosso Ministry?” Deu a pausa para todos nós para examinar-se e para determinar a resposta à pergunta que posed em sua mensagem.

Após a definição, o relatório do comitê de finanças, atribuições e nomeações que pastoral a 138th conferência anual de Kentucky terminou com ambos os sussurros e shouts dos exclamations a, “que conferência glorious esta foi!”

É a opinião humble deste repórter que a 138th conferência anual de Kentucky era produtiva, inspirando, motivating e “em segundo a nenhuns.” O pastor do anfitrião, seu esposo e a família da igreja encontraram-se com nossa cada necessidade do conforto e da conveniência; mesmo com a construção necessária em andamento, era evidente que podiam prontos, dispostos e ver que todos que assistiram à conferência faltaram para nada.

Era uma conferência grande. A cidade do Capitol de Frankfort Kentucky deu-nos boas-vindas com braços abertos e corações mornos. Os missionários fizeram claramente sua missão com os eventos de seu dia anual sob a atitude muito capaz, cavalier e collaborative do supervisor das missões, Sr. Stan McKenzie.

O tom da conferência foi estabelecido com a abertura do serviço da adoração. Há algo sobre o recolhimento junto, proclamando “nós viemos adorar nosso Redeemer Blessed que nos chama para viver bem uma vida abundante que transborda na fé, na esperança e no serviço.”

O hymn do processional “Rejoice, Ye puro no coração” levou às reflexões sobre quanto nós temos que rejoice, para dar agradecimentos para, e a porque nós cantamos. As vozes que respondem à chamada à adoração soaram para fora alta e claramente, e os membros da conferência anual juntaram dentro com o acordo doce, contente de estar atuais cantar as palavras do hymn grande, “e estão nós contudo vivos, e ver cada um - outra cara?”

Porque nós invocamos o espírito do deus vivo para cair fresco em nós - o deus veio completamente para nós, derretendo nossos corações frios, moldando nos na forma, enchendo nos com o espírito do deus e usando nos ao glory do deus. Porque nós rolamos sobre como um rio, é aparente que nós ACREDITAMOS, que nós temos os meios necessários para “viver bem,” o esse nós podemos servir em um espírito Godly, esse nós estamos servindo com a finalidade do Godliness, e nós somos assegurados que, “você pode imóvel ter a alegria, se você revestimento o que você começa.” Sempre mindful isso, “as etapas de uma pessoa boa é requisitado pelo senhor,” nós apenas necessitamos acordar, crescemos e levantamo-nos.

Finalmente como de “sementes do Sowing Laity além da parede” que thirsting para “a água fresca de um poço velho” nós fá-lo-emos, se nós “agitação justa, agitação, agitação, agitarmos o diabo fora.”

Como nosso Bishop beloved, que tem mostrado já que é capaz da tarefa na mão, provou que é disposta trazer nosso distrito até o par; quem conduz o negócio do 13o distrito Episcopal com amor, interesse, elegance e finesse - pergunte-se yourself, “o que é o motriz de nosso Ministry?” Ele é a hora para Er'body - clergy e laity igualmente para examinar nossos motriz - por que é nós que servimos? Quem somos nós que servimos? Onde estamos nós que servimos? E, como somos nós que servimos? Que é o motriz de nosso Ministry?

Submetido Respectfully,

Doris J. Coffey -conferência de Kentucky
Repórter ao registrador Christian


Richard Allen, carregado um escravoem Filadélfia, Pensilvânia em 1760 e manumitted do slavery pertode Dôvar, Delaware em 1783, prende a reivindicação singular como o founder da igreja Episcopal Methodist africana. Licenciado como um preacher Methodist Allen em 1787 estabeleceu a sociedade africana livre e conduziu a um walkout da igreja velha do St. George por causa do tratamento racial discriminatory. Fundoua igreja do Bethel A.M.E., que foi dedicada em 1794 e organizou a denominação de A.M.E. em 1816. Allen transformou-se o Bishop primeiramente eleito e consecrated da igreja Episcopal Methodist africana e servido até sua morte em 1831.

As pessoas numerosas ajudaram a Allen em colocar as fundações de Methodism africano. Entre elas eram o Flora Allen, Sarah Allen, e os Lee de Jarena. O Flora Allen, primeira esposa de Richard Allen, carregada no slaveryno Isle do condado de Wight, Virgínia, veioa Pensilvânia onde uma sociedade do abolitionist comprou sua liberdade. Embora fosse unclear quando casou Richard Allen, tinham-se transformado uns pares por 1791 em que os dois compraramuma propriedade de Filadélfia que transferissem mais tardeà igreja do Bethel A.M.E. Assim, o Flora com seu marido doou ao congregation primeiro e do fledgling A.M.E. a terra em cima de que um edifice seria construído.

Sua morte em março 1801 deixou a Allen um viúvo. Um comtemporâneo observou que o Flora Allen possuiu o “piety, o charity, e outros virtues Christian” esse Philadelphians preto e branco reconhecido prontamente.

O baixo de Sarah assentou bem em sua esposa agosto em 8, 1801. Como o Flora, foi carregadano Isle do condado de Wight, Virgínia. Era counselor a Richard Allen porque se moveu para estabelecer Methodism africano como uma entidade independente que fosse legalmente separada e distinta do americano Methodism que o dirigiu da igreja do St. George. Carregado em 1764 e em defuntos julho em 16, 1849 seu obituary notável, “depois que o Bishop tinha emitido para fora seus primeiros preachers, retornaram condição “seedy em uma”.” Com a ajuda de outras mulheres, repara a roupa dos preachers itinerant “que fazem desse modo os presentable para sair e descarregar seus deveres ministeriais.” Richard e Sarah Allen mandaram seis crianças e alguns seus descendentes atualmente pertencerà igreja do Bethel A.M.E. da mãe em Filadélfia, em Pensilvânia eem primeira igreja de A.M.E. em Atenas, Geórgia.

Os Lee de Jarena, uma mulher que recebesse do Bishop Allen uma licença preach em 1817, eram um outro pioneiro de Methodism africano. Como preacher da mulher da denominação o primeiro, Allen rebuffed inicialmente os Lee, carregados em 1783no Cape maio, New-jersey. Mais tarde, quando viu a profundidade de sua espiritualidade, autorizado lhe a preach, participar em conferências anuais de A.M.E., e a viajar como um evangelist durante todo o nordeste. Durante alguns de seus desengates, Richard e Sarah Allen importaram-se com o filho dos Lee. Era entre o mais adiantado de evangelists de A.M.E. e seus esforços ajudados em construir a denominação nova de A.M.E. Sua data da morte é unclear, mas é enterradano cemetery da igreja em Lawnside , New-jerseydo Mt.PisgahA.M.E.

Dickerson, Dennis C
Universidade de Vanderbilt
Email: dennis.c.dickerson@Vanderbilt.Edu


O Dr. Paula Matabane, preacher, autor, produtor da película, e academician fêz a pesquisa extensiva sobre muitos assuntos, um de que é a presença dos pretos no Bible. O Dr. Matabane produziu uma película nova, cabelo como as lãs, pés como o bronze: O poder da imagem que pode ser requisitada de seu Web site. Está procurando oportunidades da seleção e do ensino com a película. Pode ser alcançada em: paula@i-onecreations.com.

Assim muitos de nós brainwashed com as imagens de um Jesus europeu que quando nós pensamos de Jesus, dos disciples e dos caráteres principais no Bible, nós pensasse deles como olhar europeu. Algumas de nossas igrejas usam ainda os materiais que descrevem os caráteres biblical como Europeus brancos, quando se nós usarmos nosso intellect, nós saberíamos aquele mais, se não todos os caráteres biblical forem Afro-Asiatic. Eu recordo ainda um nephew novo de meus em cima de ver um ministro branco, que tenha um beard visitar o serviço da adoraçãoem uma igreja de AME, observando, “lá sou Jesus.” Eu pensei imediatamente de que nós temos muitos do trabalho fazer. Web site www.i-onecreations.com do Dr. Matabane dirige-se a muitas das edições que tratam da raça no Bible. Os recursos estão disponíveis e você é incentivado pensar aproximadamente, e dirige-se à introdução dos pretos no Bible. Apenas pôde ajudar a algum à re-imagem em suas mentes os caráteres biblical. Abaixo estão algumas perguntas e respostas do Web site sob o título, do “Sala de aula Dr. Paula”:

Aprendizagem do sustento!

Muitos povos, including cristãos, não obstante a raça, conhecimento da falta sobre a presença africana no Bible.

Geogràfica, a história biblical começaem África com o jardim de Eden (Genesis 2:14). A terra Holy é ficada situadaem África do nordeste. O termo “leste médio” é uma invenção política recente que não tenha nenhuma aplicação às épocas biblical ou aos povos biblical.

O lote dos povos quer saber

Q….Não é negativo a focalizar na raça ao estudar o Bible?
….Nós acreditamos firmemente que o deus fêz tudo do humanity de um sangue (atos 17:26) e que Jesus morreu para o mundo (John 3:16). Mas sempre desde que o primeiro navio do escravo bateu costas americanas em 1619, retratos do Bible, de escola de domingo as lições, e A MAIORIA de scholars biblical não agiram como lá eram nenhum pessoa africano no Bible. Nossos esforços não são promover a raça ou o racism. Nós esperamos que simplesmente ensinando a verdade como encontrado no Bible e nos annals do history e da geografia que a unidade racial e social real especial entre believers emergirá.
Q… era preto de Jesus?
….Toda a evidência biblical que descreve Jesus indica que era preto ou o mais definitivamente uma pessoa da cor. Entretanto, ninguém que viu que Jesus na pessoa o pintou sempre assim que toda a discussão de sua aparência exata são speculation. É consideravelmente evidente que Jesus não olharia como alguns das pinturas ou dos filmes agora famosos que descrevem o como um homem branco. Momentaneamente, nós acreditamos que era preto ou uma pessoa da cor porque:

- Seus pais esconderam-noem África como um bebê (Matthew 2:13 - 15)

- Ezekiel, Daniel, Revelation descreve-o nas visões com cabelo do nappy e pele marrom escura

- Era um Semite e o Semites antigo era marrom.

- Sua vida é suportadapor África: um lugar escondendo para conservar sua vida como um bebê (Matthew 2:13 - 15) e ajudado lhe para terminar o último e a maioria de tarefa importante de sua vida (marca 15:21; Luke 23:26)

- Seu genealogy alista cinco mulheres pretas: Thamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, Mary
- (Matthew 1:3, 5, 6, 16)

Q….É a raça um conceito real?
….Nós vivemos atualmente em um mundo definido e scarred pela noção da raça e pela prática do racism. A raça não era uma edição para povos biblical em épocas antigas. Muitos cientistas hoje discontam agora a raça biològica mas verdadeiramente ciência, não o Bible, feito raça o número um fator divisive no mundo hoje. Se é real ou imaginário, a raça afeta ainda como e onde a maioria de nós vivos e do trabalho. “

Leia mais em pretos no Bible

Randall C. Bailey e Jacquelyn Grant, eds. A recuperação do preto … Presença: Uma exploração Interdisciplinary. Nashville: … Imprensa de Abington, 1995.
Charles Copher. Estudos Biblical pretos: Um Anthology de Charles … Copher: Edições Biblical e de Theological na presença preta … no Bible. Chicago: Fellowship claro preto, 1993.
Esperança Felder de Cain, ed. Stony a estrada que nós pisamos. Minneapolis, … Imprensa do Fortress, 1991
Esperança Felder de Cain. Incomodando águas Biblical. New York: Orbis … Livros. 1989.
Rev. Walter Arthur McCray. A presença preta no Bible, vols. … 1, 2. Chicago: Fellowship claro preto. 1990.
Arroz do Gene. “Africanos e a origem da adoração de Yahweh.” … Jornal do pensamento religioso. 50:27 - 44. 1995

Usado com permissão do Dr. Paula Matabane de Reverend
Email: paula@i-onecreations.com
Endereço da correia fotorreceptora: www.i-onecreations.com


NEW YORK (UMNS) - presidente do conselho nacional das igrejas tranquilizou Methodists unidos que a organização ecumenical está concernida sobre seus membros Orthodox.

O Bishop Thomas Hoyt estava respondendo a uma letra do Commission Methodist unido na unidade e nos interesses Christian de Interreligious, que expressaram o sadness sobre a retirada recente do Archdiocese Christian Orthodox Self-Governado de Antiochiande America do Norte do conselho. A liderança também implored do NCC da letra “para fazer exame de etapas imediatas para compreender esta ação e para alcançá-la para fora à liderança” no archdiocese.

Hoyt, um bishop na igreja Episcopal Methodist Christian, dita tinha sido entristecido também pela decisão inesperada do archdiocese, que somente participou modestaem atividades do conselho sobre os anos.

“Certamente, em junho, quando a secretária geral (Bob Edgar) recebeu de Philip metropolitano uma letra congratulatory sobre a indicação do NCC a respeito da guerra em Iraq, nós ousamos esperar que um nível novo da participação pudesse ser forthcoming,” Hoyt escrevesse em uma letra Sept. do 26 ao Bishop Methodist unido Ann Sherer, presidente do commission. “Nós fomos desanimados, conseqüentemente, quando, sem consultation aparentemente, o Antiochians fêz exame da decisão para retirar sua sociedade.”

Quando a letra de Philip metropolitano chegou, os oficiais do NCC procuraram uma reunião com ele, mas nenhuma resposta foi recebida, de acordo com Hoyt. Após uma discussão mais adicional e com conselhos do Rev. Leonid Kishkovsky, um presidente anterior do NCC, decidiu-se programar reuniões com diversos líderes da igreja Orthodox e reunir uma reunião com os oficiais e a sociedade ecumenical e o comitê ecclesial das relações.

“Nós esperamo-lo e confiamo-l que os participants Methodist unidos compartilharão de sugestões de outras respostas que nós pudemos fazer e juntar em executar aqueles esforços,” no escrevemos.

Hoyt mencionou também uma letra do fund-raising do NCC que o Commission unidade Christian no interesse expressado sobre por causa de seu “tom político partisan.” Disse que Edgar “reconheceu que a letra estêve emitida do escritório do desenvolvimento sem revisão apropriada.” Os procedimentos foram postos no lugar ao remédio que, ele adicionou.

“Nós somos como, se em tudo, esta letra se relacionar à retirada de Antiochian,” Hoyt inconsciente dito.

O Rev. Larry Pickens, executivo principal do Commission na unidade Christian, dito acredita que o NCC está concernido sobre a perda de um membro Orthodox. “Eu penso que era uma etapa necessária na parte do presidente do conselhonacional a responder à igreja de Antiochian,” ele adicionou.

Os membros Orthodox atuais do NCC incluem a igreja Orthodox Coptic em America do Norte, no Archdiocese Orthodox grego de América, na igreja Syrian Orthodox de Malankara, na igreja Orthodoxem América, na igreja Orthodoxnos EUA, na igreja Orthodox de Serbiannos EUA eno Canadá, na igreja Orthodox Syrian de Antioch, na igreja Orthodox Ukrainian de América e na conferência ereta de Bishops Orthodox canônicosem América.

Pickens acredita que é importante strengthen estes relacionamentos e recrutar membros Orthodox novos. “Há um sentido que sem o Orthodox, o legitimacydo conselho seja chamado na pergunta,” ele anotou.

o *Bloom é um escritor Methodist unido da notícia do serviço de notícia baseadoem New York.
Contato dos meios de notícia: Flor, New York,(646) 369-3759 de Linda ou newsdesk@umcom.org.
Serviço de notícia Methodist unido Fotos e histórias também disponíveis em: http://umns.umc.org


o jailer 29The chamado para luzes, apressado dentro e caiu tremendo antes de Paul e de Silas. 30He trouxe-os então para fora e pediu-os, “Sirs, o que deve mim fazer para ser conservado?” 31They respondidos, “acreditam no senhor Jesus, e em você serão conservados - você e sua casa.” 32Then falaram-lhe a palavra do senhor e a todo o outro em sua casa… 33Immediately e toda sua família baptized. o jailer 34The… foi enchido com a alegria porque tinha vindo acreditar no deus - ele e sua família inteira. (Atos 16:29 - 34)

Apenas como na história do jailer que incluiu sua família em o que o espírito do deus fazia com Paul e Silas, nós devemos demasiado procurar o poder do grace redeeming do deus para cada membro de nossas casas. “Acredite no senhor Jesus, e em você será conservado - você e sua casa.” Evangelism começa no repouso.

A palavra de deus descreve seu processo para trazer a família e fecha amigos no salvation. I Peter 3:1 - 7 descrevem a testemunha do espírito em nossos repousos. Embora a passagem seja escrita muito em termos específicos do gender, os princípios aplicam-se sem consideração ao gender.

1. I Peter 3:1 - nós somos dirigidos pelo espírito Holy ser submissive. A palavra para a submissão é o mesmo I dentro usado palavra Peter 2:13. Nós devemos reconhecer a autoridade de outra em nossos repousos. Outros têm direitas legitimate. Nós somos guiados pelo espírito para demonstrar o respeito para outro (I Peter 2:17). Se o macho da fêmea, da criança ou do pai, nós deve ser considerate de outro (I Peter 3:7). Enquanto nós somos, nós abrimos a porta para que o espírito Holy trabalhe em suas vidas. Nós ganhamos outros sobre não por nossas palavras, mas por nossa maneira de viver - “Vida-dando viver.”

2. I Peter 3:2 - outros vêem o purity e o reverence de nossas vidas. Estes não são o resultado de nosso tentar ser como Jesus. O purity e o reverence que outro vê são o resultado de nosso relacionamento com Jesus (marca 10:18 - 21). Apenas como com o homem novo rico que questionou Jesus sobre a vida eternal, Christ nunca põe o holiness pessoal como a exigência superior para o discipleship. Põe dar acima de minha direita a mim e a identificação com ele como as exigências superiores. Chama-se para nosso relacionamento com ele para ser nosso relacionamento mais elevado. É primeiro. Porque nós fazemos exame de nossos olhos fora de outros e os colocamos em Jesus, o espírito Holy tem então sua maneira em nós e outro é conservado.

3. I Peter 6b - finalmente, como o espírito Holy nos usa trazer o salvation em nossas casas, não tema nenhuma oposição que puder se levantar. Luke 13:10 - 17 dizem-nos a história de uma mulher dobrada sobre por um espírito evil por 18 anos. Quando Jesus healed a, havia uma oposição. Por que? A maneira tradicional de fazer coisas foi mudada e outra foi afetada. Porque nós mudamos, seja mindful que as mudanças em nós afetam as vidas de outras em nossos repousos. Isto é porque o espírito nos dirige ser submissive em nossos repousos, reconhecendo as direitas legitimate de outras, tratando as com o respeito e a consideração.

Nós não necessitamos responder à oposição ao fluxo do espírito com nossas vidas. O espírito de Christ responde mudando os corações da família e dos amigos. Deixando o espírito do deus mude corações, nós remanescem disponível ser suas testemunhasem Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, e às extremidades do mundo. Mantenha no evangelism da mente começa no repouso.

Pastor James M. Moody, Sr. Igreja do Chapel AME de QuinnAvenida sul de 2401 WabashChicago, Illinois 60616


Meus irmãos e irmãs

Regretfully nós compartilhamos de notícias de passar esta manhã de meu pai Joao Mateus Mazuze. Eu não estou tendo mais detalhes contudo sobre ele como aconteceu pouca hora há

Eu estou saindo do escritório agora e eu concordarei meu sustento que das possibilidades você afixou sobre o serviço funeral.

Pray por favor para nós.

O ReverendDionisio Mazuze

Nota do Editor: Esta mensagem foi recebida sexta-feira, setembro 30, 2005 2:20 AM. Os pastors de Reverend Dionisio Mazuzeem Mozambique e em assistências o editor na tradução de nossa edição inglesa do registrador Christian no português.


Regretfully nós compartilhamos de notícias da passagem da Sra. Rozell Willis Dugar, irmã de Ida mais velho Presiding W. mais afiado, Temple, distrito Episcopal de Texas -10th.

Preste serviços de manutenção a arranjos para a Sra. Rozell Willis Dugar:

Sexta-feira, Setembro 30, 20054:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Igreja de Baptist mais grande do St. Matthews Estrada 6 de 6333 estados
Hitchcock, TX

Sábado, outubro 1, 2005
1:00 PM
Igreja de Baptist mais grande do St. Matthews Estrada 6 de 6333 estados
Hitchcock, TX
Serviços entrusted a:

Repouso Funeral do Mainland
Avenida de 2711 Texas.
P.O. 801
La Marque, TX 77568
409-938-8123 - Telefone
409-938-0041 - FaxIda mais velho Presiding Willis mais afiado pode ser contatado em:
P.E. Ida W. mais afiado
Leiteria 1213 Rd., #209
Temple, Texas 76502-3426
(254) 771-2071

Recorde por favor a família em seus prayers.


Bishop Carolyn Tyler Guidry, cadeira
Commissionno centro de informação social da família do Clergy da ação

Sra. Ora L. Easley - email do administrador: Amespouses1@aol.com
(Contatode Nashville, Tennessee) telefone: (615) Fax 837-9736: (615) 833-3781
(Contatode Memphis, Tennessee) (901) 578-4554 (telefone & Fax)

Recorde por favor estas famílias em seus prayers.


A cadeira do Commission em publicações, o Reverend direito Gregory G.M. Ingram; o Publisher, o Dr. Johnny Barbour de Reverend e o editor do registrador Christian, da oferta do Dr.Calvin H. Sydnor III de Reverend nossos condolences e prayers àqueles que perderam amaram. Nós pray que a paz de Christ será com você durante esta época de seu bereavement.



Bishop Gregory G. M. Ingram - Chair, Commission on Publications
The Reverend Dr. Johnny Barbour, Jr., Publisher
The Reverend Dr. Calvin H. Sydnor III, Editor


The African Methodist Episcopal Church has been proactive in providing support for families and churches affected by Hurricane Katrina. The Christian Recorder has been sharing that information with its readership. The Executive Director of Global Witness and Ministry, Dr. George Flowers and the Commission Chair, Bishop Richard Norris are leading the Church’s response and assistance efforts for Katrina victims. The AME Church as raised over a half a million dollars in cash donations and continues to provide support for those persons and churches affected by the Hurricane. Episcopal Districts have sent 18-wheeler trucks filled with non-perishable food and supplies. The Bishops of the Church met in Baton Rouge yesterday with Bishop C. Garnett Henning to address the issues of support for those affected by the hurricane and to strategize on how the Church can be more efficient in providing assistance for those affected by the devastation. Some presiding elders and pastors whose districts and churches were hit hard by the hurricane are without salaries and some of their homes have been destroyed. The Church is responding and The Christian Recorder wants to share with the members of the AME Church the stories of what the AME Church has done and is doing.

60,000 copies of the Christian Recorder for every AME home

Dr. Johnny Barbour, AMEC Publisher has agreed to publish 60,000 copies of a Katrina special edition of The Christian Recorder. Copies will be sent to the Episcopal District Offices and the bishops will distribute to presiding elders, pastors and members. The goal is to insure that a free copy of The Christian Recorder is placed in every AME home. We want everyone to know what the Church has done and we especially want AMEs to know what the Church has done, and is doing in support of those whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita.

The goal is to have the Special Edition published and distributed the third week in October.

The Christian Recorder requests all Episcopal Districts to forward news and information to this office chsydnor@bellsouth.net about what your district has, is, and will be doing in support of disaster aid in support of Hurricane Katrina not later than October 7, 2005. Photos may be mailed to The Christian Recorder, 512 Eighth Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee 37203-4181


Autumn is here. Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, the New Year, Martin Luther King, Jr celebrations, Black History Month, Founder’s Day and the Lenten Season will be upon us before we know it.

Articles related to the various holidays and special occasions must be submitted in a timely fashion if they are to appear in the print edition of The Christian Recorder. Special days and holiday articles should be received 3-4 weeks, or earlier, prior to the date in which the article is to be printed. The Editor would appreciate the sufficient lead-times for articles related to special days and holidays.


I have not received at my home in Nashville, Tennessee, in the mail, the current print edition of The Christian Recorder. The Christian Recorder was mailed from the AMEC Publishing House, where my office is located, about two weeks ago. Some subscribers get their Christian Recorders in a timely fashion, and others, like me, seem to get it late. I checked with the publisher who explained that second- class mailings are handled differently than first class mail. When the AMEC Publishing House, who prints the Christian Recorder, takes the papers to the post office, the post office ships them to distribution points. I am sure that is the reason for the delay that some of us experience in receiving the print editions of The Christian Recorder. I might be receiving my mailed copy of the Christian Recorder from a postal distribution point in New Orleans instead of the main post office in Nashville, which is about three miles from my home.

I want you to know that the material gets to the publisher on time and the publisher gets it to the post office on time, but when the mailings are sent to the distribution points, we no longer have control the distribution process. Dr. Barbour has been addressing the problem with the postal authorities.


To the Editor

Just a short note to let you know that I have returned home. My ship arrived on Friday afternoon after being delayed two days in Mayport, Florida as a precaution for Hurricane Rita.

I am back home, but there is still a great need for support for our people who were affected by Hurricane Katrina.


Chaplain David R. Brown


The Seventh Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, which encompasses the state of South Carolina, convened August 28 – September 2 in Sumter, South Carolina for the second of its 2005 Annual Conferences. The 114th Session of the Northeast Annual Conference was held at Union Station AME Church in Sumter.

The Northeast Conference is comprised of the Sumter, Marion and Florence-Dillon Districts and is one of the oldest annual conferences with approximately 25,000 local members. It is the third largest of six annual conferences in the 7th Episcopal District. Approximately 4000 AME church clergy and delegates attended this gathering during which various Conference Committees addressed issues such as: The State of the Church and Country, Family Life, Christian Education, Temperance, Evangelism, Women's and Youth Ministries, Social Action, and Prison and Hospital Ministries. The Annual Conference is where the entire church body comes together to assess what has been accomplished during the previous year and set goals for the upcoming year.


To the Right Reverend Preston Warren Williams, II, Presiding Prelate of the Seventh Episcopal District of the A.M.E. Church, Mother Wilma Delores Williams, Supervisor of the Seventh Episcopal District, Presiding Elders, Pastors, Delegates and members of the 114th Session of the Northeast South Carolina Annual Conference, we your committee on Resolutions, prayerfully submit our report.

Whereas, the 114th Session of the Northeast South Carolina Annual Conference began with the Pre-Conference Pomp and Pageantry of the Debutantes and Master (DMC) Ceremony: a celebration of Christian manhood and womanhood whereby those elegantly attired young people from across the Conference were honored for their many volunteer hours of community, church and school services. We take this opportunity to thank Mrs. KarCelia Brown-German, DMC Conference Commissioner and Reverend Charles Singleton, DMC Conference Associate Commissioner, and their dedicated committee members for a job well done. Thanks are to God for his wondrous love!

Whereas, the Women’s Missionary Society under the supervision of Mother Delores Williams, Episcopal Supervisor, and Sister Gwendolyn L. C. Snider, the Noble Northeast Conference WMS President, with other ladies in attendance, carried out a very detailed business session. Focus goals for the 2005-2006 Conference Year included Education, Growth and Expansion, Legacy and Destiny, and Health and Wellness. The annual WMS Luncheon was held at the Elks Lodge. They were blessed with many visiting missionary sisters.

Whereas, the Sons of Allen gave us an evening of entertainment - spiritually and physically, and the Reverend Laddie Howard of Wayman Chapel, Sumter, S. C. delivered a powerful sermon entitled “Can God Brag on You?”

Whereas, the Union Station A.M.E. Church hosted an overwhelming crowd at Patriot Hall as the opening session of the 114th Northeast South Carolina Annual Conference convened with Reverend R. L. McCants, Sr. as Worship Leader.

Whereas, the Processional consisted of Union Station and Mt. Zion’s choirs, Licentiates, Deacons, Elders, General Officer George Flowers, Bishops F. C. James, Z. Grady and our Presiding Bishop, The Right Reverend Preston Warren Williams, II.

Whereas, Reverend Julius McAllister delivered an electrifying Annual Sermon entitled “Making it Through the Warfare of Life”. The opening ceremony was culminated by Holy Communion Services, Bishop Preston W. Williams, II, Chief Celebrant.

Whereas, a re-organization of the 114th Session of the Northeast South Carolina Conference was held, Reverend R. R. Hooper was selected as the Conference Secretary and Reverend Berletha Taylor as Assistant Secretary. Then, each Presiding Elder submitted names to serve as Marshals.

Whereas, the Presiding Elders presented their recommendations for various committees for the Annual Conference Session along with the boundaries of the Conference for all Lay Delegates and Ministers, the 4th window cases.

Whereas, Marion District presented their Ministerial/Delegates and Annual Reports on Tuesday afternoon.

Whereas, the WMS’s Night in Mission, Theme: “Calling Empowered Women of God to Rise Up!” The WMS’s awesome choir set the tone for an evening of fellowship with the Introit “We Have Come to Worship the Lord” and the message by Sister Misbrew Times, Northeast Conference Branch Historiographer/Statistician was well composed and delivered. Special recognition to our WMS Supervisor Mother Wilma Delores Williams for her words of praise and encouragement.

Whereas, the work of the conference continued when the Florence-Dillon District and the Sumter District presented Ministerial/Delegates and Annual Reports.
Whereas, Presiding Elder William Smith of the Columbia District in the Columbia Conference delivered the Wednesday’s Mid-day sermon entitled “Three Things God will do for You.”

Whereas, the Young People and Children’s Division, under the leadership of Ms. Connie Ford, and her cabinet with the theme "Ordinary People: Challenged by Power, Walking by Faith". The Rev. E. Robert Thomas encouraged us to use the ordinary to accomplish the extraordinary. God can use ordinary people to do great things when we put our trust in him.

Whereas, the Christian Education Department under the direction of Dr. Juenarrl Keith, stressed several objectives through Workshop presenter Reverend Marty L. Henderson, who currently serves as the pastor of New Hope Baptist Church, Akron, Ohio who presented a workshop on Transformative Leadership, Reverend Reginald Morton, pastor of St. Paul A.M.E. Church Plantersville, S.C. who presented a workshop on Transformative Bible Study, and Mr. Joe Benton, Department of Juvenile Justice who presented a workshop on Transformative Ministry. Brother W. M. Jefferson and Dr. Allen W. Parrott gave reflections. Reverend Timothy A. Johnson, Sr. Conference Christian Education Director, and Ms. Kabrina Bass, Christian Educator Director

Whereas, Dr. Charles Young, president of Allen University delivered our mid-day service sermon entitled “In the Midst of Change”.

Whereas, the Northeast Annual Conference collected $30,394.00 for Allen University.

Whereas, the city of Sumter, S. C., presented Bishop Preston Warren Williams, II with a Key to the City of Sumter, South Carolina.

Whereas, the following person retired from this Annual Conference, the Rev. Lavern Murray.

Whereas, the following persons were located, the Rev. Leroy Fred, and the Rev. Willie Gee.

Whereas, the Conference paused to memorialize four of its servants, Reverend James Curry, Reverend Willie Lockhart, Reverend R. H. Williams, and Reverend Legatha McFadden. They have been called from the church militant to the church triumphant.

Whereas, it was resolved all characters were passed. Praise God.

Whereas, the Lay evening was filled with the Holy Spirit, praising God to the utmost.

Whereas Bro. James Felder spoke on "CRC" changes, rules and charges.

Whereas, all Disciplinary Questions were read and answered positively.

Whereas, the Board of Examiners recommended and the conference confirmed the following for Itinerant Deacon: Stephen Gilchrist and Jimmy Wilson and the following for Itinerant Elders: Rev. Christine Hooper-Davis, Rev. Alvin Webb, and Rev. Marie Webb.

Whereas, the Ordination and Worship Message was delivered by Bishop Preston W. Williams, II. Theme: "Strange Fire", a spiritual and soul-stirring message.

Whereas, the Ministers’ Spouses, Widow, and Widower’s Organization Annual Luncheon was held at Swan Lake Pavilion.

Whereas, Mother Wilma Delores Williams was introduced to the 114th Session of the Northeast South Carolina Conference.

Whereas, visitors from across the State of South Carolina were presented at the conference from all levels of the clergy, Laity, WMS, YPD, and Sons of Allen.

Whereas, Ms. Misbrew Times, the Northeast Conference Superintendent and Church School Committee presented a workshop.

Whereas, the Closing Convocation Ceremony Message was delivered by Presiding Elder W. J. Baxter of the Orangeburg District. The title of the message was "Almost Doesn't Count".

Whereas, the Reverend Friendly Gadson and his lovely wife Mrs. Flora Gadson and the entire Union Station A.M. E. Church who hosted the 114th Session of the Northeast South Carolina Annual Conference with such dignity and style.

Whereas, the 114th Session of the Northeast South Carolina Conference, take this opportunity to Salute and applaud for a job well done! May God continue to shower his blessings upon you.

Be it further resolved, that the members of the 114th Session of the Northeast South Carolina Conference continue to strive for excellence under the dynamic leadership of Bishop Preston Warren Williams, II, and Mother Wilma Delores Williams.

Be it further resolved, that a copy of this Resolution be placed on record with the Secretary.

Respectfully submitted,
Your Committee

Authored by:
Reverend Timothy A. Johnson, Sr., Chairperson, along with the Resolution Committee.

Submitted by:
Benjamin Harrison
Public Relations Director
7th District AME Church
Tel 803.935.0500
Cell 803.528.7104
Fax 803.935.0830


Urban growth - Program plants seeds of content, reaps veggies of delight
By Christine Arpe GangSeptember 24, 2005

An urban gardening program in Memphis dispels a lot of myths about growing vegetables.
You don't need a huge piece of property; you don't have to be young and strong. And you don't need a lot of expensive equipment to harvest significant amounts of great-tasting produce.

Just ask any of the 1,000 low-income or disabled adults and youths who participated this year.

From her small fenced garden in North Memphis, Futhia James has picked more tomatoes, okra, purple hull peas, butter beans, hot and sweet peppers than she could eat. She shares with neighbors and puts up dozens of bags of peas and butter beans in her small freezer, as well as numerous jars of salsa and chow-chow in her pantry.

"It's a lot of work, but it's something I enjoy," James said. "I love seeing things grow."

Urban gardening participants get their backyard plots tilled up in the spring and receive more than 20 packets of seeds and several tomato and pepper plants.
James's purple hull peas and butter beans, which produced abundantly, played out for this season, so she pulled them out and sowed turnip green seeds in their place.

She saved a little space for seeding green beans, which she expects to harvest before winter sets in.

Her tomatoes and okra are still producing and the kale -- slowed by the heat of the summer -- is starting to revive.

The shift from a summer to fall garden is happening in urban gardens all over town.

Verlie and Charles Horton, who are in their second season with the program, are also pulling out the old to plant new turnip greens in their Scenic Hills-area beds.
"We had the neighbors come to get all the green tomatoes before we pulled them out," Verlie said. "One of them came back with a plate of fried green tomatoes for us."

They've also shared the bounty with church members.

"Your own vegetables taste different," she said. "It makes me appreciate God's creation with nature and with seeds."

After a challenging hot and dry growing season, the Hortons say not everything was perfect. They got only about four ears of corn, and birds attacked their cantaloupes. But they did get several sweet watermelons from seeds they purchased.

Shelda Herring, a master gardener, and her husband Samuel grow veggies in a raised bed along a wood fence that borders their yard between Central and Southern.

They were especially proud of their red okra, Malabar spinach and eggplant crops.

Shelda, who is the pastor of Spring Chapel AME Church in Grand Junction, shares the bounty with church members and neighbors.

When the gardens were at their peak several weeks ago, about 15 to 20 participants took their excess produce to the Shelby Extension Service for a workshop on making salsa and chow-chow. Each gardener put up several quarts to take home.

Every year the extension service presents awards to participants with the best gardens.

Booker T. Doss, who lives in South Memphis, has won first- and second-place honors during the seven years he's been a part of the program.

At 87, he's the oldest gardener in the program. He does all his own cooking and also makes a dozen or so pints of preserves from the figs that grow on his tree.
He's been picking three kinds of peppers, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, collards, okra, peas and potatoes.

Doss said he wouldn't be able to garden if someone didn't get the soil ready for him in the spring. He manages the other chores by doing a little bit at a time.
About 15 community gardens at schools, churches, community centers and subsidized housing for seniors are part of the program.

At St. Peter Manor in Midtown, 10 or so residents, including Ruth Guest, claim a row or two in the garden.

She doesn't mind that the slightly shaded spot she selects doesn't produce quite as many vegetables as rows in full sun.

"I don't care because I do it mainly for the exercise," Guest said. "It's therapeutic. I've had cancer twice, I know the exercise helps me."

About 10 days ago, gardeners at St. Peter Manor pulled out the summer crops so Cortney Holloway, the extension agent in charge of the program, could till up the soil with his tractor. Then he cast out seeds for collards, turnips, kale and mustard greens.

The 2005 urban gardening program was funded by a $41,000 block grant from the City of Memphis Division of Housing and Community Development to Tennessee State University Extension.

The grant covers the cost of hiring contractors to till 500 or more gardens in the spring, as well as the cost of seeds and plants. It also covered the cost of chartering three buses to take participants to an educational program on small-scale farming in Cheatham County earlier in summer.

The program's purpose is to provide a means of exercise and to improve nutrition for participants.

"Most of them say there's nothing like waking up and then going out and picking what they're going to eat today," Holloway said. "They also save money on food costs."

He estimates the gardens collectively will produce 20,000 pounds of produce this year.

At the end of October, Holloway is planning the program's annual awards luncheon.

"It's the biggest event the extension service has," he said.
All of the gardeners bring a prepared dish, many of them utilizing the vegetables they grew during the summer.

"Most of these people have been cooking a long time," said Holloway, who is completing his first season as coordinator. "I hear the food is excellent."

Article printed with permission from The Commercial Appeal


It is with heartfelt sympathy that I announce the passing and funeral arrangements of Brother Selmo Bradley, who served as the third President of the Eleventh Episcopal District Lay Organization. Brother Bradley passed away on Thursday morning, September 22, 2005. His funeral is Wednesday, September 28 at 2 p.m. at St. John AME Church, Quincy, Florida.

In addition to being the past President of the 11th Episcopal District (prior to J. L. Williams), he was also 3rd Vice-President of the Connectional Lay Organization in the 80's. The Eleventh Episcopal District Lay Organization Scholarship Fund is named in his honor. He was President of the 11th Episcopal Lay Organization for 16 years.

Eileen S. Warner
Director of Public Relations
Connectional Lay Organization


Regretfully we share news of the passing of The Reverend Miriam Nakapizye, (WIM) who was a Pastor in Zimbabwe the 20th Episcopal District and was currently on transfer to her home district 17th Episcopal District in Zambia. Reverend Nakapizye passed on Saturday, September 24, 2005 in Kasompe area of St Thomas AME Church at the home of her baby sister in the city of Chingola. Funeral gathering has been shifted from Chingola to Chililabombwe to her parents’ residence.
Funeral arrangements pending.

Submitted by: The Rev Royd Mwandu - Senior Pastor
St Thomas AME Church
82-14th Street, Nchanga South
P O Box 11125
Chingola, Zambia
17th Episcopal District -
The Rt. Rev Paul J M Kawimbe - Bishop


FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS for The Late Presiding Elder (Retired) Hurtis Randolph Ricks, of the Wrens-Vidalia District, Augusta Conference, 6th Episcopal District African Methodist Episcopal Church.

WAKE: Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Saint John African Methodist Episcopal Church M. L. K., Jr., Blvd.
Ailey, Georgia 30422
(912) 568-7113 - Phone
The Rev. Dr. Marvin J. Howard, Sr., Pastor
(912) 368-3286 Home
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Rites
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Thursday, September 29, 2005
11:00 AM
Saliba Chapel
Brewton Parker College Campus
Hwy 280 Ailey-Mt. Vernon, Georgia 30422
(912) 583-2360 - Phone

Mrs. Rebecca Ricks
222 Ailey-Lothair Road
Mt. Vernon, Georgia 30422
(912) 583-2635 - Phone

Services Entrusted To:
Vidalia Funeral Home
106 Pine Street
Vidalia, Georgia 30474
(912) 537-8887 - Phone
912) 537-8526 - Fax

B. B. CallowaySED Office


From: clegolie@powergrp.co.za

We announce the passing of Brother Jan George, the brother of the Reverend William Charles Legolie, II, the pastor of The Cathedral of Vinton R Anderson in Cape Town, South Africa.

Brother George passed away on Monday 26 September 2005. Funeral arrangements will be forwarded upon availability.

The Reverend Legolie can be contacted on: +27-27-905 4922 (h) or +27+72 264 7731.

All email messages can be forwarded to clegolie@powergrp.co.za or vaame@mweb.co.za
Thank you for support and prayers.
Charlin Lesch Legolie


Bishop Carolyn Tyler Guidry, Chair
Commission on Social Action Clergy Family Information Center
Mrs. Ora L. Easley - Administrator
Email: Amespouses1@aol.com(
Nashville, Tennessee Contact) Phone: (615) 837-9736 Fax: (615) 833-3781
(Memphis, Tennessee Contact) (901) 578-4554 (Phone & Fax)

Please remember these families in your prayers.


The Chair of the Commission on Publications, the Right Reverend Gregory G. M. Ingram; the Publisher, the Reverend Dr. Johnny Barbour and the Editor of the Christian Recorder, the Reverend Dr. Calvin H. Sydnor III offer our condolences and prayers to those who have lost loved ones. We pray that the peace of Christ will be with you during this time of your bereavement.